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Who is the Glam Reaper?

Hi there! My name is Caitlin.


I’m a musician, artist, healer, mentor, and somatic psychology student currently pursuing my masters degree. I'm also the creator and channeler of the archetype: The Glam Reaper. 

The Glam Reaper found me during one of the most challenging periods of my life. I was in the midst of grieving the loss of my father, a relationship that defined my life in very profound ways.


I am no stranger to grief. I have gone through long-term relationship breakups, career shifts, big moves, and of course, the pandemic. I have lost loved ones to the diseases of addiction and intergenerational heartache.


Yet throughout all of these transitions and heartbreaks, there has been one guiding light that has healed me -- and that is art. 

Art is how I found the Glam Reaper, and how she found me.

In the depths of my grief, I started doodling whatever came to mind. Grim reapers with galaxies for faces started to appear on the page in front of me. And as the drawings took shape, I heard her say to me: 

  • The dark and grim can be transmuted into sparkle and glam, 

  • Death and change are not things to fear, and 

  • The impermanence of everything is what gives this very moment meaning and depth! 

And now, using the tools of my work as an artist, I feel called to support others on their grief journey. 

Together, we will tap into your innate creativity and transmute the pain that comes with loss, separation, and big life changes.

Apply for the mentorship program here.

Thank you and many blessings.


-Caitlin Jemma

The Glam Reaper

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