music lesson offerings 


to schedule a lesson 


(fun for kids and adults!)

30 mins    $35

1 hour      $50

Acoustic Guitar 

(Beginning and Intermediate)

30 mins    $35

1 hour      $50

songwriting LESSONS with kiddos

Songwriting with kids is simple, fun and creative! First, I will ask the students to come up with a topic for a song. Next, we'll pick the chords, tempo, write a chorus, and some verses -- and put the whole thing together like a puzzle. Your kiddos will get to practice their rhyming, rhythm, and singing skills. This process will also strengthen their writing and spelling skills as we learn about adjectives, verbs, and nouns.


We'll experience the joy of music together, and have something creative to share with the whole family! 


Here's some video examples of songs written by some of my younger students: 

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