To experience a Caitlin Jemma performance is to witness an artist blossoming in real time. Her expansive sound fills the room with an audacious assertion, while remaining open to all it encounters. Each of her songs is a living, growing entity reflecting her myriad of influences—ranging from Bob Dylan to Valerie June to Gillian Welch—in which Jemma's versatility emerges through an honest exploration of her art form. While traversing the musical spectrum of country, soul and mystic folk, Jemma's identity remains steady and unshakable.

As a master storyteller, Caitlin runs from nothing. The wild and the polished; the intimate and the distant; the brightest sun and the darkest moon—opposites remain harnessed and harmonious within Jemma's thoughtful lyrics. At the heart of each soul-filled song is the story—the story we all live, mourn, and celebrate. This is a story told with a transparency igniting the imagination of the lands she’s traveled to and the people she’s gathered as her own. 


Whether as a solo act or with her band, Jemma is constantly examining her work from every angle, while maintaining the raw emotion which has been the the bedrock of her songwriting and live shows from the beginning. As music increasingly scoffs at the genres and labels one might try to slap on it, Jemma embraces the melding of a myriad of influences informing her work. Rather than trying to drive her songs toward a destination, she sustains the courage to follow them and discover what they each dream to be. From the perspective of a lucky listener or audience member, you get to watch, feel, and ultimately contribute to where her songs' paths lead.

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"An unmistakable and infectious swagger"

Oregon Public Broadcasting

"A little soulful and a little swinging." 

—Eugene Weekly

"A genre-bending take on radical self-love."

—Vortex Music Magazine

"Rich with sonic expansion."




High Sierra Music Festival Top 5 finalist in Band Competition (2018)

Lightning In A Bottle (2018)

Lost Sierra Hoedown (2019, 2018)

Oregon Country Fair (2019, 2018)

Railroad Square Music Festival (2019)

Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Competition (2017)

Treefort (2018)


Folk Alliance International (2018, 2017, 2016—Official Performer)


 Has shared the stage with:

Valerie June, Jackson Browne, Arlo Guthrie, Brothers Comatose, Gaelynn Lea, Handmade Moments, John Craigie, Rainbow Girls, Sam Chase, Shook Twins, and more

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